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Adamah Packing List

**Packing in 2020:

1.     Each potter has 3-4 boxes for packing greenware and finished work coming home from a workshop. Put the boxes together BEFORE the trip starts, fill each with packing materials, and measure them. Throw pots according to the size of boxes you have selected. VERY easy to know the size of pieces to throw and to know they will all fit coming home. 

2.     Roof carrier works well. Try using just ratchet straps through the grommets next year. May need to buy one more ratchet strap since they are not the same length and one may be too short. 

3.      Use soft carriers for clothes to go on roof as we did in 2019. Pottery tools can also go on roof as well as plastic/wood bats.

4.       Take tools and bats in grocery fabric bags if we want to. Works fine on the roof. 

5.        Northern route through the UP is excellent: good roads, pleasant, no traffic. Use it!

6.         Each person packs a "go bag" for overnights at Jane's and in motel.

Adamah July 2019 Packing List

2018 Packing List Included Below:

-wine opener

-wine glass 

-bug spray/bom

-John Britt book

- low top socks

--Cole Haan shoes

-foot balm

-antibiotic cream

-body lotion

-hot brush

-all charges and charging stations



-watch and phone

-teal capri and matching shirt

-lavendar capri and matching shirt

-navy capri & plaid shirt

-yellow capris and blue checked shirt

-coffee pot



-CLAY TOOLS: foot shaper, small stash of tools, towel, bats, apron.  Mark everything my with my name!!! (trim tools-don't forget them!)

-small whisk brush and mini dustpan

-sticky bat?






-periwinkle linen top

-white linen slacks

-jewelry=diamond slide, hoop earrings and no rings!

-wine glass

-Jane's neck scarf for heat

2019 Pottery Tools to Pack for SH workshops!!! (updated after trip) Be sure and put your name on each tool.

-towels-1 is enough (use to wrap bisqueware)



-tool holder for across the splash pan? Or a mug to hold tools.

-long handled sponge

-my chop,


-screwdriver to pop bats


-trim bat with foam

-aprons 1 only (maybe old apron for glazing too?)

-bisqued pieces for spraying: slip trailed pieces. See list below.

-bisqued test tiles

-metal ribs

-wire tool

-variety of ribs

-variety trim tools


-big sponge for cleaning

-spray bottle



-pin tool

-fettling knife 

-slip trail bulbs

-plastic bin to hold bats etc. beside the wheel

-water bottle

-neck scarf



-cream rinse


-shower caddy

-blow dryer

-shower cap

-shower gel

-body lotion


-bug spray

-something like yard guard


-giffin grip?

  • It takes slip work a LONG time to dry properly.

  • Therefore, make & bisque slip work pieces at home to take to Adamah for glazing!! Make pieces smallish:

  • dessert/appetizer plates (6)

  • Small vases (6)

  • Soup bowls with or without handles (5)

  • Mini ikebanas with slip work on horizontal top and undulating rims (2)

  • TEST TILES-witch's hats??

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 5.23.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 5.23.28 PM.png
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