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Supplies Needed:

1. A bisque piece (plate is good)

2. White underglaze plus 4 accent colors of underglaze

3.  Mop brushes

4.  Carving tool

5. Tool to drag through the underglaze to make patterns (fork, rubber tip, wooden tool etc)

6.  Access to water, a sink is preferable


1. Mop brush a thick coat of white underglaze on inside of the plate

2. Brush a coat of an accent color ( ie. turquoise) over the white before it is dry.

3, Find a rubber tipped drag tool and drag it through the turquoise layer only to make stripes on 1/3 of the plate, maybe tick tack toe and rows of circles. Also use a zigzag wooden fork tool etc. 

4. Brush off glaze giblets

6. Fill a section of the plate with a 3rd accent color such as aqua. Fill two more sections in the same way.

7. Use a 4th accent color (chartreuse, yellow) to make big circles. Might need two coats.

8. Note: Have the design run off the rim of the plate. Note how Michell made. a blue rim.

9. Carve designs in the circles thru the blue or underlying color.

10. Use a dark accent underglaze such as dark blue and make dots and whips lines.

11. Let the piece dry a few hours but not overnight.

12. Rinse a LOT of running water over the underglaze so the layers separate and begin to show through. If you use a sponge, it seems to wipe away a lot of underglaze at once. Try to remove as much as possible with just running water.

13. I believe Michell added dark and white underglaze highlights after rinsing. Do not let these get too thick or they pop off!

Michell underglaze plate.jpeg
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