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Ryan Myers Workshop
June 2022

Adding to a  face mug:

-smile lines

-lips are tapered could flattened out before attachment and molding

-chins are an inside down curve and pouched out underneath the curve

-helps to hand build on foam!



-use dowel to make round eye sockets

-then add beak which is made ahead and the line is carved with an Exacto knife when leather hard

  • then roll a coil and use a       toothed rib to attach it

  • Sink eye sockets with        water, add horizontal slit

  • - then push out the     eye socket above the eyes for volume

  • Use wooden orange stick to form eyelids

  • Add eyeballs and then the iris. Use the pencil point to add pupil. Eyeballs can be porcelain.

  • -mold inward around bottom of beak on the sides to give more definition


-Cut back of a beak at     an angle and curve the beak way down



#1.  Eyes first then beak. By accident,I scraped off part of an eye putting on the beak.


#2.  Eye sockets with a ball of clay and then did beak. Used only one ball for eye and placed it with a pencil. Worked well!  Texture=toothed sewing roller wheel


#3. Texture= toothbrush. Larger eyeballs of clay to get more feminine look. I flattened  the big balls of clay on backside before attaching.

Bird Wall Hanging Step By Step

Bird Mugs Step By Step

Face Mugs Step By Step

#1 Texture piece & mold eye sockets, forehead, and nose
#2 Add nose & pads of clay for eyes

Describe your image

#3 add upper lip and smooth eyes

Describe your image

#4 add lower lip and teeth if desired

Describe your image

#5 add horizontal lines for eye shaping

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#6 Use orange stick to shape eyelids.

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##7 add pupils using pencil tip
#8 add an ear

Bird Mugs Step By Step

Bird Wall Hanging Step By Step

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