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Frog pin

1.  Tiny frog pin distributor:

In summer of 2018 I ordered  (30) 21mm tall 5/8 inch dia Stainless Pin Frogs. About $1.05 each plus S & H of $14.

Glaze Pantry Planning

Start with 5–10 pounds of the basics (feldspars, frits, kaolin, silica), ¼-pound bags of colorants, opacifiers, and stains, and maybe 1–2 pounds of rare ingredients.

Glaze Pantry
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.02.51 AM.png

Shipping to Customers

1. Go to the post office or to for FREE shipping boxes!!!!

Shipping Info

Cleaning Brushes: Liquid Latex & Wax

Use Goo Gone to clean brushes that have wax or latex on them.

Audubon Guidelines for Birdhouses 

Also, interior of birdhouse should be unglazed and include lugs for fledglings. 

Audbon birdhouses
Shimpo table 3.jpg

Baking Mold: Tufted Swiss Mat

$29.  (8" x 5.5") Sold thru Amazon, free shipping. Video on the link.

Dotted Swiss baking mat.png

Table for Shimpo Aspire (Ron made)

Shimpo table 4.jpg
Shimpo table2.jpg
Shimpo TABLE.jpg
Shimpo Aspire Table

Seed Birds

Use 1/2 tsp. as the "one part" to make birds twice the size of the ones I got at NCECA. The other photo uses

1 tsp. and makes an egg sized bird. Tiny birds= 1/4 tsp. per part. It takes 8-10 minutes to make a bird. Use fine topsoil. 

Seed Birds
Seed birds.jpg
Seed bird recipe.jpg
Art Fair List

Art Fair Packing List

Art Fair list.png

Test Tile Organization

Test tile organization
Test tile organization.png

Bike Kick Wheel

Bicycle kick wheel.png
Bike kick wheel
Butter Dish Directions

Butter Dish Directions per Michell's Form

This is a combination of wheel thrown and hand built pieces. 

* two thrown cups, 1/2 pound each with 3" diameter & 2 3/4" tall

*middle piece is a thin textured slab 5" x 7"

*Throw a knob, attach, & texture. Put hole in it!

*Throw a bottomless ring with 12 oz. of clay, 24" in circumference

* Attach the ring to a textured slab for bottom of dish

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